Boogie course – advanced [English]


Release date: 1st July 2020

For advanced players.

  • ✓  over 30 video tutorials
  • ✓  sheet music (PDF)
  • ✓  download size: 2,03 GB


Ready for the stage!

In the advanced course Luca will show you a lot of his own tricks and advanced bass patterns and cool licks that you won’t find in other tutorials. If you have already experience with Boogie Piano and want to add some extra spice to your playing this is the perfect course for you! Luca will show you for example:

  • complex bass-patterns
  • fast runs & rolls
  • repeat-licks
  • chord shakes & tremolos
  • octave runs
  • special intros, endings & breaks etc.

You don’t have to read music to take part – every video contains detailed view on a separate keyboard where you can see exactly what Luca plays and what fingering he uses.




Need sheet music? It’s included

You’re quicker learning with sheet music? Like in all other courses there are PDFs with full transcriptions of every exercise and improvisation that happens in the video.




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