Boogie Course – COMPLETE [English]


Release date: 1st July 2020

Contains: Basics, Intermediate & Advanced

  • ✓ bass-patterns, intros, licks, riffs & much more
  • more than 70 video-tutorials
  • 300 pages sheet music (PDF)
  • download size: 9,9 GB


Beginner to professional

This course contains all Parts – you start with easy exercises and licks and work yourself through to the more complex topics. – if you’re more advanced you can always skip a lesson and start with something harder right away! Luca shows you for example:

  • bass-patterns
  • runs & rolls
  • repeat-licks
  • tremolos
  • octave runs
  • intros, endings & breaks etc.

Can’t read sheet music? No problem!

You don’t need to be able to read sheet music – every video contains a detailed view of a separate keyboard so you can see exactly which keys are played and which fingering Luca uses.




Comes with sheet music

You’re quicker learning from sheet music? Every video has a corresponding PDF with everything (examples, improvisation-intros, etc.) transcribed that Luca plays, plus the sheet music is shown in the videos themselves.




All courses – all videos

The Complete edition contains all parts of “World’s Biggest Boogie Course” – so you decide where to start and what to learn, of course all “Short Boogies” (Luca’s improvised Boogie Intros & Endings to the Video lessons) are also contained in the course.

All “Short Boogies”


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